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Understanding Latin Girls, is it possible?

Since the beginning of history men are trying to understand women, and today they are still working on it. Men still see women as enigmatic creatures and think that is hard to understand and know what do they really want, need and desire. Here we present you the most common words and gestures used by them, have fun!


This is the word that latin girls use to finish a discussion, where they think they have the truth and you have to shut up.
Never use "Good" for describing how she looks, that will be a reason for one of those discussions.

Five minutes

This means half an hour. It's equivalent to those five minutes that the ball game remains, when you have to change the light bulb, so you're even.


This means "something" and better start getting ready for the worst. "Nothing" is often used for describing her mood when she wants to throw you up and down. "Nothing" means, generally, a discussion that is going to last "Five minutes" and is going to finish with "Good".

Go Ahead (with bent eyebrows)

It's a warning. It's going to finish with a latin girl bothering by "Nothing" and ending with the word "Good"

Go Ahead (normal eyebrows)

This means: “I surrender” or “You can do what you want because it does not matter to me". You are going to receive an “ Go Ahead with bent eyebrows” in a few minutes, followed by a "Nothing" and a "Good" and she's going to talk you back in "Five Minutes" when the devil gets out from her.

Audible sigh

This is not properly a word but a non verbal asseveration, generally badly understood by men. An “Audible Sigh” means that she thinks that you are an idiot and she asks her self why she wastes her time discussing with you on “Nothing”.

Smooth sigh

Again, it is not a word but a no verbal asseveration. A “smooth Sigh” means that she is satisfied. Your better not move or breathe so she will continue satisfied.

It's all right

This is one of the most dangerous declarations than a latin girl can make to a man. “It is al Right” means that she wants to think a lot before she returns what you did to her. “It's al Right” is used frequently with “Good” and jointly with and “Bent Eyebrows”.

Go ahead

At some time in the near future you are going to be in a great problem.

Do it

It's not an expression: it's a offer. The latin girl is giving you the opportunity for explaining the reasons for doing what you have done. You have a good opportunity for telling the truth, so be careful or you can receive a “It's all Right".

Thank you

A latin girl is being thankful to you. Do not fell down, simply say “You're Welcome"

Thank you very much

This is something very different from “Thanks”. A latin girl is going to say “Thank you very much” when she is very angry. That means that you offended her without a drop of sensitivity, and is going to be followed by a “Audible Sigh”. You must remember that you don't have to ask what is going on after the “Audible Sigh” because the only thing that she's going to say is “Nothing”.


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