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Advice for the Single Man

The Internet is the best place to actually meet and develope relationships with women that could possibly turn into a real life long term relationship. Women feel more at ease online when interacting with single men, for obvious reasons. It gives them a chance to get to know a man before having to go out on a real date. Use this to your advantage!

Expediting the Web Dating Process: Online personals really work. With the amazing advent of the Internet, there's no reason why "anyone" "anywhere" should be single.

Be Honest, never Boast

Very few single girls will believe something like this: "Wallstreet multimillionaire seeking a nice girl to share his life and fortune." If you write that kind of profile you are setting yourself up for failure, as few will think of you as honest. Think about it: honesty is one of the first traits that any single man or woman mentions when describing someone with whom they wish to share friendship, a deeper relationship, and long lasting love. So don't shoot yourself in the foot from the very start.

In your personal ad, write honestly about who you are, but just as importantly, write about the single woman you seek. Include all those characteristics you value in a partner, as well as more pragmatic criteria, like geographic location, whether she smokes, has children, etc. In short, make it possible for those that fit your criteria to be able to say "that's me, and that's what I want too!" when they see your posted personal ad. Do not set up any possible relationship for failure by lying from the beginning. Any self-respecting single will pack his or her digital bags and move on, sooner or later.

The first step in capturing someone's imagination lies in capturing their attention, and for this, you need a clear and concise statement setting yourself apart from the crowd. Use wit here, and stress a quality which you believe singles would find most appealing. What can you say about yourself in a single sentence which makes you irresistible to the opposite sex?

Include important information

Another important factor to weight when writing a good personal ad is the amount of specific information you should include. It is clearly best to avoid posting specific personal information about yourself like addresses, phone numbers etc., but usually other specifics, as to your occupation, hobbies, interests, and background, are not only OK, but will greatly increase your chance of piquing the curiosity of a like minded single man or woman.

Know your Competition

In business, knowing and understanding your competition will ensure that you're always at the cutting edge of your industry. In online dating, you should be aware of your competitors and see what they have to offer. There is no harm in reading the profiles of other guys, remember you're not there to date them, you're there to get more dates THAN them.

While you should never steal someone else's thunder by plagiarizing their profile, I would recommend reviewing them for style cues and other tips on what a good profile should look and sound like. Additionally, check out the photos of other guys and look for trends. If it looks like other guys have only included pictures with their group of drinking buddies, include a similar picture but make sure to one-up them with a great picture of you involved in a unique activity.

Try to be Specific

Be specific about who you're looking for too: if you prefer a Christian soul mate, say it. If you are adamant about remaining childless, convey that too. State your willingness to travel. The woman in Paris may not respond when she notes you live in Rio, if you fail to mention that geographic location is no barrier. What is your personal mantra ? Share it. The woman who understands and appreciates it best, is the one who will reply. But remember that there are some very controversial topics like, politics and money, that you should avoid.

Most of the top web dating sites offer singles chat services, which will help you connect with singles. Plus, there are several really good sites that specialize only in chat and video online chat. The video component can really make an online conversation more intimate, or perhaps even a bit wild!

Final words

Finally, do not underestimate the power of a good first impression: write your personal ad so that it is easy to understand, articulate, and to the point; avoid making grmmar and spelling mistakes: didn't you just wince when you saw that one? That is how most people react, and it does not speak well of the writer. Remember, be honest, be specific and be positive; these three qualities will make your personal ad a solid one, and a bit of imagination will make it a great one!


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