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Online Dating Services Really Work?

First you must consider that it depends on you and in your interests, because your attitude and approach will set the tone for your online dating service experiences.

Thinking that going online and signing up for the first dating site you visit, slap together your profile, post no photo, and then e-mail the first ten attractive people you find, don't be surprised if you're disappointed with the results.

Otherwise, if you do your homework when selecting a dating site, put together a well thought out profile with an accompanying photo, and treat the other members of the service with respect, you will have different results. Will you be happy? You will at least be happier than in the first scenario. Doing a research of web sites before jumping in is crucial. If you are looking for a long-term, meaningful relationship, don't expect to find it on an adult site that focuses on pairing sex partners.

Including your profile and photo will also affect your online success. Don't post a profile that tells the other person nothing except how wonderful you think you are along with your high school yearbook picture (okay that's extreme). This will only turn-off potential partners.

Finally, there's the element of being in the right place at the right time. A little luck always helps.

One thing is for certain, the number of people you can potentially meet in an evening visit to a dating site is in the hundreds or maybe thousands. Search capabilities allow you to quickly focus on people with interests similar to yours. If only it were this easy when working the room at the local bar …

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