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Dear Erika,

My boyfriend broke up with me two months ago and and I know he's dating another girl, although nobody has told me and I know that my friends have been hiding it to me. I feel that they are acting strange with me. I want to continue with the same relation I had with my friends in the past, what should I do?


M. H.

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Dear M. H.,

Thanks for your question, I love to write on this subject. Is very important to keep in mind that there is a great difference between love and friendship.

If your friends are hiding at you that your ex is dating with another girl, it can be for three reasons: they want to protect you, they want to protect him or they are feeling some kind of shame. Take a moment to think if they are really your friends. If the answer is affirmative, you should speak with them. Look for the person who you feel is closer to you and ask him or her what's happening. You should make it clear that you don't have (I hope so! ...) any interest in him, and that what you want is to maintain the relation with whom you consider your real friends.

If you get some empty answers or you think that they are evading you, ¿are they your "real" friends? they are not. It's always hard to see your ex with someone else, but that disapears with time, you should never forget that you must try to always be with the people who really care for you and...

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